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I know there are a number of well known, popular theologians today who teach Calvinism. And i know that the historic Reformation out of the Catholic church was a movement that had Calvinism ingrained within much of what was believed about justification by faith. When we think about how the teachings of John Calvin and Martin Luther spawned whole denominations that followed their teachings, we can see that following men has been a staple of that movement. Are we to follow the teachings of these men of the past who taught certain things that are very popular today? Or are we to follow the source material that may or may not agree with what they concluded? Today, many listen to the teachings of John MacArthur, John Piper, R.C. Sproul, and James White. They speak as if they know what the truth of the Bible really is. But do they? This blog is an attempt to biblically show what salvation is, and in the process, show where Calvinism goes wrong. I believe the posts in this blog are, to the best of my knowledge, biblically sound. If anyone finds something of error in a post, you’re welcome to comment and let me know. If i post a post that i feel was off the mark, i will delete the post. But i try to make sure a post is biblically sound before posting it.

May God bless, and i hope this blog is a blessing to you,

Sean Budde


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